About Us

Hello Reader,

Initially I developed a Making Tax Digital for VAT compliant excel bridging tool for a client.

Once my client had successfully filed their VAT return, I thought I should make this tool available to others on this website.

That was a while ago now and since then, many clients have used my excel bridging tool successfully.

That said, some clients have had various system settings my earlier bridging tool versions had not been built to accomodate. For example, clients on the continent will have system settings that use a comma as a decimal place indicator - and unsurprisingly HMRC will not accept submissions sent in this number format.  Consequently, I've worked closely with a number of clients to ensure they are able to submit successfully and in so doing I have been able to continually improve the bridging tool in an number of ways to make it ever more resilient. In addition, I also update the tool to make sure it is compliant with HMRC specifications.

I continue to offer a free Sandbox excel bridging tool which connects to HMRC's sandbox environment which you can test on your computer. And if that works I also offer a number of Production excel bridging tools with which you can file your VAT Returns to HMRC either as a business or an agent.

The latest bridging tool version is i2.1 and versions preceding 2.0 will become unusable with HMRC servers from 22nd November 2021.

I hope you find the tools useful and if you have any questions or feedback, please contact me.