Enter Details

Start by selecting the following detail:

  • The type of user you are, either Business or Agent.

This is a simple selection you make in Overview:

Then, enter the following details:

  • Your government gateway ID and your password. These details are necessary in order to grant authority for the tool to access your MTD for VAT account
  • The name of the business or client who's VAT Return you wish to submit and the VAT Registration Number (VRN)

In the Sandbox bridging tool, you need to create a test user. When you press the button stating "Sandbox: Create User", the workbook makes a request to HMRC to create a test user. HMRC returns a test user's details via their API. 

Sandbox Step 1 - Create a Test User

In the Production bridging tool, you must enter your details into a userform. Press the button stating: "Enter Details" and the useform will appear. Tip: Aim to get your ID added to the User ID box and the Business / Client Name & VRN added into the Stored Details area.

Production Step 1 - Enter Details

Once you have Granted Authority to the tool for a particular Government Gateway ID, this will be stored in the workbook and appear in the userform's drop down box next time you call the userform. This is a useful feature if you need to use more than one ID in the workbook.

Similarly you can store additional Business / Client Names & VRNs in the workbook. To add, press the green '+' button. To remove, press the red 'x' button.