Our guidelines are intended to help you use our bridging tool as easily as possible.

The MTD bridging tool is an excel workbook that uses HMRC's MTD for VAT APIs.

This workbook comprises 6 user worksheets with the following functionality. For further details follow the links in the table below:

WorksheetCore Function(s)You can also:
1. Overview
  • View authorised government gateway IDs
  • View your user log
2. Submit
  • Copy this sheet with all your submission details to a PDF document, including HMRC's submission confirmations references
3. Consol
  • Link the worksheet to your data or workings with a formula
  • Utilise the flag field to enhance your linking formula. For example you might use a SUMIF formula
4. Data
  • Import data from CSV, TXT or Excel files directly into the tool
  • To import data, use the Import Data button at the top right of 'Overview' sheet
5. Working_1
  • Store any supporting workings

6. Working_2
  • Store any supporting workings

The worksheets and the workbook's structure are password protected, so the worksheets cannot be changed, deleted or added to.