Submit & Retrieve VAT Return

Once you've selected your VAT Period and linked the bridging tool to your VAT workings, you are then in a position to submit your VAT Return to HMRC.

Check your submission details are correct. You must confirm your numbers are FINAL. If you do not confirm this, HMRC will respond with the appropriate error message and your submission will fail.

Prior to the bridging tool sending your submission to HMRC, you will be prompted to confirm if you wish to proceed. Whether you are a business or a client, this is an important step as your confirmation will be taken as a legal declaration to confirm that the information in the VAT Return is true, correct and complete.

A successful submission will result in HMRC returning confirmation references:

Sandbox Step 6 - Submit your VAT Return

Note that submission references will also be captured in the log file.

You can view the log file by pressing 'View Log' in the Overview sheet.

Once you've submitted successfully, you can retrieve your submission from HMRC:

Sandbox Step 7 - Retrieve your Submitted Return

To me, this is the acid test that your submission was successful.

To further evidence your successful submission you can take a PDF copy of your submission.

You can also retrieve previously submitted VAT Returns. Before you retrieve, just select a Fulfilled VAT Period.